Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Fabric Roses

I was dually inspired for these two things I'm going to show today! First, Grace and I headed to Border's to look at books and I bought this:

I am serious when I say that I don't know when or if I've ever bought a craft or sewing book! But, this one is beautiful, inspiring and uses scraps - what could be better?!

Here is another piece of inspiration that I thought was cute and I sort of married the ideas and came up with these goodies!

At any rate - all three of my littles had fallen asleep for a rare lengthy quiet time, so I raided my craft supplies and made these:

I used the method shared in the above book for making my flowers. For the ring, I just stitched on a piece of elastic for the band (using what I had, you know!) and then covered the elastic with fabric.

I'm typically not a big accessories person, but I've already enjoyed these little cuties! For the bobby pin, I simply made another flower and hot glued it onto a bobby pin - I tried stitching it on - but hot glue won!

Next, I'm going to try a headband!


Ginger said...

Love the new blog----very victorian,romantic looking. Safe travels

asnipofgoodness said...

Oh, I saw this book too, but didn't purchase it. The roses you made are so lovely, and such a pretty touch in your hair!

Dawn said...

and those flowers looked so cute on you on Sunday! The whole time we were talking, I kept meaning to ask you about them. Then we walked away and I forgot! So glad you posted about them.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I love the new design of your blog. Very beautiful :) :) :)

I love the fabric roses, too :) :)

Rosey's Gal said...

Love the new blog design. Everytime I visit it makes me long for more free time to craft. Ypur blog is good wholesome inspiration to me. I have been following since about Sept.'09. Keep it coming. God bless you and your family.

~~Deby said...

these are adorable...somehow in the last year I had lost the link to your sweet blog...this morning I went to google and searched and found you again...I will be a follower so I don't get lost.
btw..think I am going to have to get this book...