Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Family Mornings

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a media rep for Pillsbury asking if I'd like to participate in a webinar with Sandra Lee. She was going to be sharing easy ways of dressing up canned cinnamon rolls for what they called, "Sweet Sunday Mornings."

I love what they are trying to do with this! Creating sweet family memories by fixing a little something special for breakfast! I wasn't available the day of the webinar and knew that on Sunday mornings we were at church!

But, their rep did not give up on me. One frustrating day, I heard a knock at the door and it was the UPS delivery man with a big box from Pillsbury! What a fun surprise -

Included was a pan to bake cinnamon rolls in, two super cute coffee mugs, a new dishtowel, a throw, rubber spatula, some recipes and lots of coupons for free cinnamon rolls! This motivated me to create a sweet morning on our new porch when my parents were here!

Word to the wise number one: do not anticipate what time your family will be up and have everything all ready only to have them sleep in another hour! Oops - wait until everyone is up and then bake it!

Word to the wise number two: apparently there are all kinds of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. If you get the Grands Cinnamon Rolls - please do not bake them in a round cake pan or they will still be doughy. Ok. Now you know!

Step into our sweet morning ~

I made one pan of cinnamon rolls just according to the package directions and then used one of the featured Pillsbury recipes for dressing up the second can.

Apple Walnut Sticky Buns (you can watch a video of the recipe here)

1 can (12.4 oz.) Pillsbury refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing
2 Tbsp. butter, softened (I omitted this and just sprayed my pan with cooking spray)
1 apple: peeled, cored and cubed
3/4 c. chopped walnuts (I used pecan pieces)
1/2 c. brown sugar

Prepare muffin pan (note my word to the wise above! I used the Grands cinnamon rolls and they would not fit in a muffin pan so I used a round pan. Do not follow my example!)

Combine brown sugar, nuts and apple in a bowl. Divide among eight muffin cups. Top with cinnamon rolls and bake at 375 for 12-14 minutes.

Place a tray or baking sheet upside down over muffin pan and invert rolls on to serving dish. Ice and serve - mmmmm, delicious!

How do you bring the idea of a sweet family morning into your home? I was very interested to see the good ideas listed on Pillsbury's site for creating these special times together! Plan a special breakfast and create a new memory!!


~katie~ said...

What a neat surprise, indeed! Looks super yummy!! I've had the regular cinnamon rolls by Pillsbury several times but think I'll have to try the jazzed up version ~ yum!

Melissa said...

YUM! Hello??? Another recipe and idea you forgot to share with your favorite porch friend in the whole world...right!!! Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele said...

Thanks for a great idea. Just last night I was reminded that I needed to have a special breakfast on hand for this Saturday. I was at a loss since I know that day, my daughter's wedding day, will be crazy busy. I think I can handle something like this.

Love those coffee cups, by the way.

Elise said...

That is so cool!! I am going to have to try these!! Looks so yum!!

Mom said...

This was indeed a sweet Monday morning treat to get up to -- thank you! :) Love you, Mom

Patty Williams said...

How SWEET is that ? OMgosh.. we use alot of these canned rolls and usually on Sunday mornings !

What a fantastic surprise package! Love those coffee mugs! Love Sandra Lee too!

Jenny said...

Fun surprise! I love your table setting, it is very inviting.

angie said...

The lighting on your porch in the morning is absolutely golden! I'm sure that Pillsbury chose wisely in asking you to create an extra special morning for your family.

Anonymous said...

A sweet surprise for both you and your family! I'm headed to Pillsbury's web site now---It will be fun to plan these special mornings for my son when he's out of school this summer!

Wendi said...

What a wonderful surprise! I love to make a special breakfast and share with my family on our back porch. It is a simple, refreshing way to start the day.

Angela said...

Your tablescape is truly lovely. I especially liked the soft colored tulips and the milk in glass. Where did you get the drinking glasses? Are they large jelly jars? We are having a terrible time with glasses breaking for some reason. I keep getting Libby glasses, since they used to be so sturdy, but they are all breaking in my old dishwasher. The children love to use little milk-style bottles from Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. They don't break; so I am thinking we just need sturdier glasses to drink from.

Heather H :) :) :) said...

aahhhh...this was so sweet...I was really excited to see the box of goodies you received from Pillsbury..and I was just looking at a photo :) :) :) I can imagine you had so much fun. The breakfast table looked wonderful too :) :)
My dad and I are probaby a bit more non-traditional. We like to eat breakfast together..but for us it's going to the store early in the morning to get the makings for breakfast that's a fun time, too :) :) It's quiet and we talk and tell jokes. Sometimes we'll stop by one of the local drive-thru coffee stands for coffee and a baked granola bar...and then breakfast :) My dad kicks me out of the kitchen while he cooks. He makes a good breakfast :) :) Thanks for posting these photos. So fun :) :)

Anissa said...

LOVE your table covered in dots! I see you are still a dot girl!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Oh, how you inspire, Monica!
*Thank you*
For the ways your life continually blesses mine...

All's grace,

Lynette said...

How fun, they look very yummy!

Tim and Susan said...

what fun, cozy pictures! Glad you got a care package...fun.

Elise said...

I just wanted to share with Angela that we use jelly jars{pint size mason jars} to drink out of since they are virtually indestructible!!
Well, when my two year old throws them with force into the sink they sometimes break, but they have been dropped so many times and have been just fine!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Those glasses are chipped beef jars! I usually find them free or for about ten cents at a thrift store. I love them and they are sturdy! Love those stars around the top!!