Sunday, May 02, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Three Day Edition!

An idea just occurred to me this afternoon - and I know it is last minute, but please jump in if you can!

My house has clutter everywhere, things that need cleaning and baking to do! I can already feel myself tensing up and stressing out about all there is to do!

We have a very fun week ahead as my parents arrive on Wednesday! We'll celebrate my birthday, Mother's Day and have the girls ballet recital! So as you can see - I'm trying to get as much done as I can now to relax and enjoy my time doing all those fun things!

I've divided my days into three categories: tidy, clean and prepare. The fourth day I will declare, "Enjoy!"

I don't want to be harried and add stress to my home the next three days though! So, a MYHAH challenge seems appropriate here! Want to join me?

Please feel free to do different challenges based on the needs in your home!

Ready, set, go ... first challenge will be up in the next post!


Jill said...

OH I so understand! I have 6 month old twins and 2 older boys. Every day I clean and still every day I claim a tornado has hit my house. Next weekend we are going out of town for Mothers Day Weekend and I soooo want to enjoy it and come home to a clean house. I am gonna work hard on this and stay home all week in order to get it done!

~katie~ said...


We are hosting a double birthday party this Friday at our home, so I totally need to do all of these things!! I will join along...I'll try to post if I can! And have a Happy Birthday this week!


Mom said...

I want to leave a tidy house behind so we don't return to a mess. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Love, Mom