Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is fun?

Yesterday morning, David said "Do something fun today!" as he was leaving for work. My mind swirled ahead to all the things that needed to be done today. How would I have time for anything fun?

What is fun anyway?

Have I forgotten how to have fun? In all the busyness and bustle of life with three young littles, what do I do for fun anymore?

Go to the store by myself.

Close the door to the bathroom for a few minutes of quiet and a deep breath.

My mind kind of hits a wall after that - what else is fun? Even the things I used to find fun - crafting, thrifting, baking seem to have lost a bit of the thrill which has been traded for a tired heart and stressed mind.

Have I forgotten how to play and how to rest and how to relax and how to enjoy? In some ways, yes - I think I have. I have gotten so caught up in child-rearing, in this season. And, then I read Ann's post on being quiet - which trickles down deeply into the dry lands of my heart.


Yes, quiet is a call I can respond to. Even in short moments for now...

Quietness is frightening.

What will I hear? What will I have to face? Oh, for the noise to just cover all of that up. Noise feels safer somehow - yet is unsettling itself.

Yet - I heed the call, and I sit in quiet.

So, as Quiet Time approaches in our home, I gather a book that inspires gentle and quiet living - an afghan - a pillow ... and rest.

Initially, I have to read the same words over and over to overcome the noise in my head and heart - but slowly, I am quieted. I rest.

And, yes - it was fun!


Mom said...

Great idea and great post! Love you, Mom

Paige said...

For me fun IS something w/ the kids. A time when we can get out and get for a bike ride, or read a book together or tell funny jokes. But "me time" isn't the same as fun time anymore. I don't have fun alone, I enjoy it, because it's quiet and I'm usually doing something for me (window shopping in the womens department, getting my nails done, getting a massage) but it's not about FUN, it's about relaxing. I have fun w/ my guys. Or maybe with Scott if we're out on a date. We're going away together in a few weeks, and we're going to an amusememt park, THAT is going to be fun!
I get my quiet times in the morning or late afternoon. I treasure those too. Sometimes it comes when I look for it, sometimes it sneaks up on me when the kids are out back and I'm washing dishes. I like the quiet times too. But I wouldn't trade in any of them for the sound of the boys having a good time and playing well together.

Cheryl said...

Monica, great post.
I think we all can totally relate with what you are talking about. As my children got older I was able to get away more often. Lunch with a friend or indulging myself in a day of quiet. Kind of like you did this past year when you went on a picnic for yourself and brought the flowers and all the goodies. Glad you were able to have some fun. We need those times to get refreshed.

Nancy at said...

My children are older than yours but I feel a kindrid spirit in you and can understand your feelings completely. Now I wonder as the years have gone by if I have forgotten myself and what I enjoy as fun or have my feelings towards fun changed and now I just truly don't enjoy some of the same things I used to because I'm older.

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

Amen! :)

Lauren said...


What books do you enjoy? I love Amish books and the way they live a simple life. Sometimes just reading a book about a different way of life is fun for me.

Wendi said...

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff that things no longer seem fun. I remember when I first became a fulltime homemaker how much fun it was to dust, bake and craft. Now these things sometimes feel like dreaded chores and I hate that it feels that way!!

Glad that you found time for fun.

Debra said...

Going to the store by myself is fun for me these days, too!

Glad you found something else fun to do. :)

Great post!

Simple Home said...

I used to always read at night, after my kids had gone to bed. I loved that time to myself. My husband worked the swing shift, so I would read before he came home. Now, my kids sometimes stay up later than I do, and my husband works days, so I find my quiet time other ways, but I've always loved having it. A little can go a long way :-)

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I can so relate to this... I struggle to find "fun" in a lot of things right now.

It sounds really selfish to say this - but I think of "fun" when both of my kiddo's fall asleep at the same time and I can either sew or drink a cup of coffee while reading great blogs... like yours. Now, that's fun!!

Bessers said...

I can relate! A couple times my husband has left for work, and when I looked at my to-do list, I saw, "Have fun" added in his handwriting. I think you hit the nail on the head. Now I'm off to turn off the computer and enjoy at least 10 minutes of quiet time while my kiddos rest.

Unknown said...

Oh boy...I hear ya! Sometimes the things we usually do for fun end up being a burden! Thanks for being honest that it feels that way to you too! :) You are like a "Queen" among creative crafters (I mean that in a most kind and admiring way, btw) in my book!:)*insert royal music that I'm playing for you*
Strangely enough, exercise has been fun for me lately. Relieving the stress of the day with Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds! LOL! I really doesn't sound THAT fun. HA!
Anyway, thanks for the reminder just to be quiet sometimes...and just to be still.

Blessings, Monica! said...

I discover that I am often able to have the most fun when I focus on the present moment and really enjoy what is happening in the now.

It's so important to take some time for yourself every day. You have to be "whole" in order to give to others.

Heather said...

Thank you for this wonderful post! I feel sometimes that I've forgotten how to play or have fun, too. When I get free time I wonder what to do! But lately I've learned to embroider and find it very relaxing.

Thanks, Monica!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, what was the book that you enjoyed during you quiet??? Simple is good. tammyp

Ginger said...

I don't even know what fun means anymore. sad. very sad.

Handwoven Dreams said...

That was lovely and inspiring, Monica.

*carrie* said...


Wow, this post--and Ann's--resonate with me and of course connect with my own struggle and decision to retreat last weekend.

Angelia in TX said...

It is beautiful how you let your husbands loving words directing you in the Lords Love. It inspires me to listen closer to God's voice in my husbands thoughtfulness of me today.