Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Fun!

We've been having fun for a week with heart shapes, crafts and yummy treats! Add in some snow, cozy fires and hot chocolate and we've had a magical weekend making lots of special new memories!

A Valentine tea party! Believe it or not, this was very impromptu - I just looked through the kitchen for what I already had that would make fun tea food. Leftover hamburger buns became mini pizzas, strawberries lent their beautiful color and a pan of brownies became dainty desserts all with the help of a tiny heart cookie cutter!

Heart shaped mini pizzas made out of large hamburger buns!

Milk tinted pink made a quick and easy tea!

~ Sweet treats ~

Decorating sugar cookies!

Emily's creations!

Rachel's creations!

It's snowing!!! Not the first snow my children have ever seen - but definitely the first snow at their house! I have to tell you what I wrote in a family e-mail: I went outside a little after this above photo to try and take a couple of picture and it was like a symphony of laughter in our neighborhood! You could hear kids outside enjoying the rare treat of snow - I loved how it sounded!

Cozy hot chocolate after playing in the snow!


Sunday after church, David wanted to take me out to dinner and we enjoyed some yummy Mexican food! Emily remembered moving our dining room table into the living room for dinner in front of the fireplace! So, we had a repeat of that in the evening!
Pizza with heart shaped pepperoni and homemade blizzards for dessert!

How was your weekend?


Wendi said...

I am happy you were able to enjoy snow. I know how much you miss it.

With colds and fevers the past few days we spent a quiet Valentine's Day at home. I made a fun breakfast and then we stayed warm and cozy inside all day.

*carrie* said...

Super cute, as always!

I look forward to touching base later, though I still don't have much of a voice.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I thought of you, Monica, as I cut out heart-shaped pepperoni's for our homemade pizza.

My hubby and I got a chance to go out, later that night and get a "love it" size ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery & a grande Coffee from Starbucks... something to share between the two of us.

Sarah said...

the pictures in the post were so beautiful! While we didn't have the most romantic of weekends - we were able to travel a few hours to be with my parents. We also were part of a group of 60 celebrating my grandparents' 87th and 91st birthdays!

Mom said...

Lovely photos of a memorable weekend -- love you, Mom

angie said...

The snow looks like it was the "icing on the cake" for all of your planned and impromptu Valentine activities.
Again, you remind me to look for those moments when a little extra touch would make such a treasured memory. The tea party proved that it doesn't have to cost extra or require hours of preparation.
A couple of questions, however: How did you tint the milk pink? How do you get your cookie cutters to perform so well? I tried to cut out brownies with a heart cutter, but most didn't cut the whole way through or got stuck in the cutter. When I saw that you cut out marshmallows (!), I was amazed that they didn't stick, pull apart,etc.

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

I help out at the flower shop that I worked at before having my girls-
so that meant- roses, roses and more roses to arrange.

Even though it was a hectic weekend, my husband was still very sweet to me and the girls- doing his best to make the mose of it all.

Definitely not as exciting as your weekend- The cookies look sooooo cute and the tea table was adorable.

What a fun mom you are!

Cheryl said...

Aw, looks like it was a very special Valentines Day weekend. The pic of the kids in the snow is priceless.

Katy said...

Monica....the memories you are making with your family are soooo incredibly sweet! I love your creativity and effort to make every moment special! You are such a wonderful mama and I truly wish I lived nearer to you....I wish I could be your friend in person! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Unknown said...

So sweet, Monica! :)

Elise said...

So cute and sweet!!

Simple Home said...

Your snow is so pretty and so is your table along with all the yummy goodies. I was looking at my blog layout and I'm wondering if the reason your blog doesn't update on my page is because on the basic/settings page you don't have the question "Add your blog to our listings?" marked yes. I think that might be what causes them to update on the links. I know you thought it was because you didn't go with the new editor, but then I realized I still have the old one too and my blog does updates. Just thought it might be worth checking out. I'd love to get updates on your blog.