Friday, February 26, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Outside Project

Wow! What a great feeling to get rid of that awful pile of papers from my closet! I pulled out my file box and filed everything while talking to my sister earlier this week!

The next day, while my littles were in the tub - I was able to sort through all the files and purge out a box full of papers that were ready for shredding!

Wednesday morning I was able to do a trash bag full of shredding and then worked on our taxes in the afternoon. I've gotten our first draft of Federal taxes done and still need to double check everything and do our State taxes. This is a great start though!

How did your paper filing/shredding go?

I'm kind of in project completion mode after seeing how successful this project was - it is motivating! So, this week I'm hoping to finish up another project!

We've been having a screened in porch added to the back of our house and there is some staining that needs to be finished! Getting the staining finished will be my goal for this week. And, I'm sorry I don't have a picture right now because it is very dark outside and a picture right now would not turn out well! I'll have before/after pictures next week!

Do you have an outdoor project that needs finished up? If you do, make it your goal for next week - or choose something else that needs your attention!

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Grace said...

Oh how I am longing for some outdoor projects!!! I think I am in SAD mode right now. The Seasonal disorder that makes you depressed. I have no motivation to do anything. I am thankful that alot of the snow has melted and I can see grass!! So come on Spring we are ready to have you!!

Michele said...

Monica, if you compost you can add unshiny shredded paper to your compost pile. I just love that my trash can turn into good soil.

My outdoor project list is longer than my arm since our daughter is getting married in the backyard in less than three months. Once the threat of frost is gone, I'll be spending lots of time in the dirt.

being molded said...

I am longing for some outdoor projects too. Right now we have more snow to shovel once it stops snowing that is. I need to research planting hydrangeas,I want to plant 2 in mt teany tiny back yard. I can't wait, God willing, to see them in bloom!

angie said...

We are in the midst of another snow storm, so the outdoor projects must wait. (And there are many--the weight of the snow has been destructive to our deck, pool, and arbor!) In the meantime, I finished ripping rod pocket seams out of 5 valances. Now I am ready to clean my kitchen windows and hang new curtains. All of this inside time makes me crave something new to look at.

Lauren said...

Instead of shredding our papers we have been burning them in the fireplace lately. The fire doesn't last long if there is no wood left but it warms up the room temporarily and no worry about the paper clutter!

Mary Ann said...

I'm so enjoying this feature each week, Monica! It's been so helpful. Thank you!

Can't wait to do some sprucing up outside if the weather cooperates next week!

Tracy said...

Make sure to drop by to enter my giveaway!

Lisa said...

I still have a pile to finish shredding, but I am happy to say all of the papers are sorted! As for an outside project, the weather is not really cooperating, but there is definitely stuff to do! Have a great week!

Mom said...

Paper is a never-ending battle and stacks up so quickly -- good job!
Love you, Mom