Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eat From the Pantry Challenge Part Two

Here is what I've bought since the last post:

Hamburger Buns: $1.23
Yogurt: on sale for $2.00 and I had $1/mfr. coupons, so I bought four and spent $4
5 lb. potatoes: $2.49
1 lb. Strawberries: $3.89
5 boxes Capri Sun - I only bought these because they are free-after-rebate
Boneless Skinless Chicken: $1.99/lb. - I bought about 5 1/2 lbs.
2 gallons milk: $2.38 each
Bananas: 0.55
2 bags Bagels: $1.00 (I got one bag free since they rang up incorrectly)
2 bottles juice: $2.50 - I had a $1 coupon
Mini seedless watermelon: $2.50
5 boxes Teddy Grahams: on sale, had coupons and had a rebate: $2.98 total
Orange juice concentrate: $1.79
2 pkg. Bacon: 1.49 each: $2.98
Choc. Chip Cookie dough: on sale for $2 - had a $1 coupon = $1.00
Ranch Dressing Mix: $1.49
Eggs: $4
Tortillas: $1.79
TP: $ 5.49

Total: $55.02

I have gone ahead and bought some sale items knowing that my pantry will be dwindling down after this month and not wanting to pay full price for things to stock it back up. I'm still at half my grocery budget so far - so it is still great!

Here's our menu plan for this coming week:

Jan. 10: No-peek Chicken and Rice, Veggie and Fruit (I changed this for convenience)
Jan. 11: Poppy Seed Chicken, Veggie and Fruit
Jan. 12: Ranch Chicken with egg noodles, Corn
Jan. 13: Tuna Cakes, Veggie
Jan. 14: Baked Pasta, Salad, Bread
Jan. 15: Fajitas
Jan. 16: Breakfast for dinner
Jan. 17: Roast Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes and Veggies

Thanks also for all your hair suggestions - my favorite at the moment is this:

Will be sure to show you what I end up choosing! How is your eat-from-the-pantry going?


Ginger said...

Hey, Monica. If you go over my way, Walgreens has had milk for 1.99 for about 2 months. I like the hairstyle.

Bonnie said...

I just have to tell you I misread your post and thought you had already had your hair done. When I scrolled down and saw blond at the top of the picture, I nearly screamed! But, then I saw it wasn't you, and noticed how much I like that cut.
I think it would suit you well!

Ami said...

Our pantry challenge is going great, although it is weird to see my stock dwindle so low. We're going to an Amish bulk foods store soon, so I'm really going to stock up then. I've spent about half my normal budget, too, but plan on spending everything saved at the Amish store.

I like the haircut! I keep wondering if I should get my very long hair cut into a bob. Maybe when summer comes. I even took a picture of a friend's perfect bob to take to the hairdresser!

Julie said...

I like the haircut. I hope you're fortunate enough to have a great stylist. (I used to have one, then I moved and haven't been able to find one I like as much.) A great stylist can tell you if a particular cut will work with your features and your hair type and the way your hair naturally falls.

*carrie* said...

You eat tuna?!

Sad. I was hoping for the Eva or America. =)

Mary Ann said...

Our pantry challenge is going well. I really haven't made much of a dent in my store so we should be good for a couple of weeks with just produce and dairy purchases.

The hairstyle is cute. I've had a similar one before and probably will do that again when I cut my hair again.

Tracy said...

I like that cut! I just cut mine all off, too. I thought I wouldn't like but I really do!

angie said...

I too am trying to make meals based on ingredients I have on hand. But it seems that there is always one ingredient I am missing. I still think that I will use up some stock that needed to be rotated out. In the meantime, I have tried 2 new recipes. My husband is a materials mgr so he totally understands the need to diminish inventory before restocking. I bookmarked the recipe for tuna cakes. Thanks.

Bev said...

Love the haircut - anxious to see what you go with!

Elise said...

Ooh, I love that hairstyle!! I haven't been eating out of my pantry per se, but we are going to. How much is your normal grocery budget, if you don't mind me asking??

Anonymous said...


I have this cut and love it, but if they get the back too short you can't wear a ponytail.


Carrie said...

These posts on eating from the pantry have prompted me to do the same thing (although I'm not keeping tabs on what was eaten or spent). I've been a little more creative though lately and even without writing it down - I KNOW we've spent less, which is nice!

Anonymous said...

Pantry Project 2010 is going great! I have spent around $80.00 this year at Wal-Mart but that included household items such as toilet paper and Ziploc bags. I am thrilled with the results. I am almost sure we can do this until the end of the month (with only small grocery trips for milk and produce). Looking forward to the end of the month to see!

Thank you for the challenge!


Wendi said...

I got a little off on the pantry challenge last week. We ate out a little to often. I am back on track and hoping for a great week.

I like the hair style. I can see it being easy to care for daily.

Anonymous said...

We had tuna cakes this week too! They are so great!

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

My mom is a hairdresser and being that I've grown up surrounded by changing hairstyles, I feel that I should give you the heads up on the bob. It is absolutely adorable if your hair is fine, straight and lays with a bit of a side part naturaly. But be careful with it if you have any wave, a round face or need to still do a pony tail. My little Layla can sport this do' perfectly because she is very blonde, and has fine straight hair. Hint: Find a great stylist who can honestly give you her professional opinion on this style. It is super adorable though! I had my mom cut 8 inches off of my hair before Christmas, so I understand your wish for a new style. I went with a stylized below the shoulders cut with chunky layers and high lights. I love it! I can curl it up, blow it straight, pull it back or let it down with barrettes. Good Luck- Can't wait to see what you come up with! :) You'll look lovely whichever you go with, I'm sure...

Shelby said...

Hey Monica, I love that hairstyle, but keep in mind when you go that short it is alot of upkeep to keep it looking that way. Love your blog and all of your wisdom.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I am doing the pantry challenge as well. I haven't told my family yet. Ü (which says how much food we have)

I think this hair style would work good for you.

Paige said...

I haven't been totally vigilant to eat from the pantry, I'm addicted to a salad every night and my boys LOVE fresh apples and banana's so I have to go to the store for those things every few days. But I was very encouraged by this challenge, and was able to cook and eat a lot of what we already had, stuff that had been sitting in the freezer for months! I'm not sure I'll make it until the next payday, but I'll do my best to keep it simple and work as much as I can, with what we've already have.
On a side note, my MIL brought a big bag of rolls, and granola bars for the boys, and we were gifted a HUGE box of oranges. We've enjoyed all and praised God for His providence.

Debra said...

We are doing pretty well on our challenge. Have really only bought perishables so far (& bratwurst that was on sale).

I like the hair style.

Blissful & Domestic said...

thanks for sharing the recipes. I think I am going to try out that ranch chicken. Sounds really yummy. and we love tuna cakes. Such a yummy meal.