Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas Tea: Celebrating the Senses

We've been reading Where is Christmas, Jesse Bear? ~ and it sparked an idea in my mind about enjoying Christmas through a luncheon tea party that touched all the senses. Since my little ladies love having tea parties, this didn't take much convincing!

Taste: delicious lunch, yummy cookies for dessert
Sight: make things beautiful, something for the table, something from the yard, pretty dishes
Sound: listened to The Nutcracker
Smell: lit a vanilla candle and smelled our yummy food
Touch: did a craft together after lunch was over

Foam gingerbread houses were a gift from a ballet friend -
the ladies had a great time decorating these! What a fun gift!

How do you involve all of your senses during this special season?
Or, is that a new thought that you'll be pondering this week?


Ginger said...

How neat! You have got to be the most creative person I know.

Mom said...

Great photos of a fun tea party!
Love, Mom

angie said...

So much to gaze at in these pics. They were a feast for my eyes.
I love to address all of the senses, especially since my son has dealt with sensory processing dysfunction in the past.
I adore the table cloth that appears to be embroidered. Is that a family heirloom?

Heather said...

How sweet! My girls love when we sit together for afternoon tea. I may have to pull out some linens and flowers to make it extra special next time. Beautiful pictures!

Unknown said...

what a great idea!! i will be thinking about some ways to incorporate the senses with my kids...!!

Cherie said...

What lucky little ladies you have to be invited to such an exquisite event!

Kimmy said...

What a lovely idea... I had a similar idea and had a Christ-centered tea a few weeks back... I could have used some of your ideas! ~ kim

noahandlylasmommi said...

Love the felt gingerbread houses! How fun.

Clare & Tim said...

That pink cookie looks gorgeous, albeit I would totally still eat it!