Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remembering France: Day Five

I'm a day behind the actual date when we toured this day because it was July 14 - Bastille Day. This is comparable to our 4th of July for the French and also happens to be my Mom's birthday! Here's my Mom on her special day with French flags overhead:

We visited Chateau Chambord - how would you like to live in a place like this?

Today was a fairly adventurous day for us in the food department - we had not anticipated so many things being closed due to the holiday. Carrie and I wandered around looking for a bakery to purchase a birthday dessert for my Mom - we found one and this yummy apple dessert was the result:

Can you see the big stack of birthday cards sitting on the bed? We had sent out postcards asking friends and family to send cards to my Mom at my house and then I packed them and she had over fifty cards to open in France! It was such a fun surprise!

Dinner was another challenge. We found a pizza place - but they did not speak English. We did not speak French and this made for an interesting scene where eventually the helpful guy brought things out of the refrigerator to show us and understand what we wanted.

Tomorrow will wrap up our time in France - it will be a day spent to the full in Paris!


Mom said...

Fun memories of a fun day! Love, Mom

Ginger said...

Lovely pictures, and happy belated birthday to your mom (Tuesday)!