Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting Organized: Closet

No before picture on this one, but take my word for it - it was BAD! You could hardly get into my closet, mostly because I have to store a LOT in my closet and did not have time usually to figure out where to put things.

My Mom to the rescue once again! I had the idea of taking the changing table out of Samuel's room and moving it to my closet. We really only changed him on the floor mat anyway and the table was merely a place to catch clutter. Oh, how it serves me in my closet!!

We took everything that was in the floor out and began the sorting, tossing and organizing. It took all afternoon - but the results have lasted! Also, by nature - this sort of thing is not going to look nearly as organized in a photo which makes it look like a changing table crammed with as much as it will hold!

I have tablecloths, gift wrap items, ribbon, fabric and Rusty Robin things. What a difference! The shelf that used to hold my fabric is now happily housing my shoes. Oh, and this is my other favorite thing about my closet. I've had this in place for a couple of years at least.

This piece of wood has several hooks on it and is mounted over my closet door on the inside (I have a high ceiling in my closet). Anyway, this is a perfect spot for storing all of my off-season wreaths or door decorations and the spring baskets!

What is your favorite piece of closet organization?


Leanne said...

plastic bins...
I use them for things that are hard or awkward to fold...especially, crocheted afghans and crib sheets. I also use them for my craft supplies and things I don't want to get wet or for the boys to see...
I have a large plastic bin for each boy to keep all of the cards and small items they accumulate through the years! I figure I will save them and then give them to each one when he gets his own house! Then his wife can decide what to do with them!! hee,hee...

Wendi said...

Plastic shoebox containers. They are fairly inexpensive and I use them for everything. I have all of my craft supplies in them. I then labeled the outside and stacked them on a couple of closet shelves. No more searching for an item, I just grab the box and go.

Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Okay, my bedroom closet is in desperate need or organzing. You have inspired me to go thrifting and find a changing table to use in there for my craft stuff and off season stuff. I bought some after-Christmas sale stuff last year and it's just piled in there so bad I can hardly walk through.


angie said...

I have so enjoyed these posts on organization. Your mom must have been such a help while she was visiting. What a servant's heart.

My favorite closet organizing tool is common in many closets. I have the white wire shelving with the hanger rod underneath. the hanger rod is divided into sections to add stability (I think). I use those divisions to group my clothing into categories.

In my kids' closets, I love the IKEA 5 shelf hanging clothes organizer. On Sunday after changing out of our church clothes, we ready our outfits for the school week.

Give LDS Gifts said...

I always try and think vertical too since we also have high ceilings. I also have wreaths hanging on the walls in our closet, but hadn't thought about using the space over the door. Thanks for the idea!

Elise said...

Great idea with the wooden rack. Our closet is a walk in with plenty of shelving and whatnot. Its great, however, I've yet to get really organized. We've never used a changing table-I've always thought, for us, that they were a waste of space. Love how you are able to repurpose yours.
Think your Mom will come my way next?? :)

Sarah said...

Last year I got my closet in shape by having my husband raise the existing shelf and rod about 15 inches higher. This gave me enough room to hang a second wire shelf with an attached hanging rod beneath one half of our closet. It was so much cheaper than those expensive closet organization systems.

Now I hang dresses and longer items on the side without the second shelf. Shirts, skirts, and pants go on the two shorter areas. I have a standard ceilings, so this leaves my top shelf pretty close to the ceiling, but I never utilized that space in a very efficient manner anyway. So I put some pretty baskets up there and filled them with extra purses, winter things, and sheets. It's actually stayed that way!

September said...

Monica!! I love your blogs-- going to link to them to follow! Thanks for sharing!
I woul say that my hand-held labeler is my favorite organizer. I love to label things for orderliness.
WARNING- It is kinda addicting! lol..

Angelia in TX said...

My personal favorite organizing tool is to declutter but then many times I get insight and could of used things that I got rid of, so I have learned storing is a good thing, so I can make sure I won't use it. I have come to enjoy cardboard banker boxes, not too small and not too big. They stack, label and hide clutter well.

Love These organizing tips of your's and your Sweet Momma's!

I am in the process of finding photos in magazine to make some of the wonderfully creative magazine cards and envelopes.

I can not wait to see your "Do something crafty" on your list for the week.