Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Night: Tomorrow is the Big Run!

I'm bumping the Family Night post up this week because it falls next chronologically in our trip events!

We weren't in Iowa very long before we headed out for a big family dinner! My parents, Carrie and her family, all of us and my grandma and two aunts - we made a big crew and it was a fun time catching up!

My Mom surprised my Dad with matching shirts for everyone to wear to the marathon the next morning! Light blue is the color for Prostate Cancer Awareness and sometimes at other marathons you'll see t-shirts boasting that they are Support Crew! A crew we were and of course, we were there to support our Dad, Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Grandpa and Father-in-Law!

Here are a few shots of our Family Night together:

We'll all be up early the next morning to cheer him on at the starting line! The run starts at 6:00am!

Back at the hotel, we presented Dad with medals from the New York and Chicago marathons that were donated through an organization called Medals for Mettle (courage). Runners can donate their medals for cancer patients in an effort to show that they are standing behind them all the way! We said, "We're with you all the way!"


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Leanne said...

ooh...I didn't know you could do that with your medals!! HOW COOL! I've run one marathon and a few half marathons. I just think your dad was amazing for doing that! And you have know idea how much it means to have your family at the finish line!! I always loved that part! Thanks for sharing!

Patty Williams said...

How sweet ! You are blessed with such a great family !

I just love seeing/hearing/reading about your family and family life!

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Barbie @ Mamaology said...

What a wonderful way to support him! It brought tears to my eyes because my Dad is a prostate cancer survivor:):)!!!

Holly Campbell said...

Praying the marathon goes well! I love all of the posts I have read thus far. . .your ideas and pictures are great, and your focus is on the important things in life. Thanks for sharing with us!

Wendi said...

Love the shirts. Such a great idea!

Clorissa said...

Your dad looks great. Good luck to him tomorrow.

That is so cool about the donated medals.