Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eat from the freezer/pantry! Week Two

Sunday: Leftovers for lunch; pancakes for dinner served with fresh strawberries!

Monday: These sandwiches, sauteed squash (from Farmer's Market) and fresh peaches (from Farmer's Market)

Tuesday: Pizza (frozen bread dough and all toppings from freezer)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday - Monday: out of town

What I bought this week:

Farmer's Market:
6 ears of corn: $3
1 lb. peaches: $1.50

From friends organic farm: (this is my very own CSA where I can choose what I want to order and pick it up once a week! I love it!)
1 dozen farm fresh eggs: $2
2 lb. strawberries: $2 (very ripe, discounted)
one bag of lettuce mix: $3
one container of fresh basil: $1
one container of fresh peppermint: $1

Total: $13.50

Anyone else eating from their pantry? What are you fixing?


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know those steak sandwiches existed! This changes my whole monthly menu plan now... Oh yum.

Anonymous said...

Monica, please forgive my ignorance ,but what is a csa??thanks-tammyp

Sharon said...

Hi Monica,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been making your recipe for Homemade Gatorade since you posted it. My husband loves it and I feel so much better knowing that he isn't taking in artificial colors and flavors :) Thanks again!

Have a blessed day~


Monica said...

Tell me more about your frozen pizza dough. At what stage of preparation do you freeze it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've just spent the last month eating from our pantry and freezer. It's such a good feeling to know food is not going to waste. It has been fun to hunt for recipes to "use up things" too.

Ginger said...

Thanks for this post, Monica. My problem with spending is not on clothes or trinkets; it's the grocery store. I LOVE them, and if I can get good deals, I am more inclined to overspend. Also, eating out. The one area I can't make at home is sushi, so lately every Friday night we have been going to our favorite sushi restaurant, AND on Tuesdays, which are normally long days, we stop at Publix for sushi. Mind you, for a teenage boy, that is merely a snack. All the while, my freezers are FULL. I told him that since the new month is coming up, I am purposing to eating out less and using up what is in my freezer. To cut costs of the grocery store, I had been ordering from for the monthly deals. That really saves on meat, but like I said, I need to cut back on all grocery stores. I just need to NOT look at the ads online.

On a good note, I have had plenty of lettuce for salads, so that has helped tremendously. I will let you know in a few weeks how I'm doing with this.