Friday, August 29, 2008

Haven Swap

It is time to show you what I sent to my swap partner, Anna - for the Haven Swap! I was so excited to be her swap partner, because not only do we enjoy lots of the same things - I am trusting that this box would be a great blessing to her. She is a missionary in Africa and I am thankful for her willingness to serve God there - and thankful that she could participate in this swap while she was home for a few weeks!
I made little tags for each thing describing how that item could contribute to making her home a haven:

Haven...a place where His light shines; lamp

Haven...a place where others are welcomed! Brunch invitations
Haven...a place where Christ is Lord - welcomed and worshiped. Celtic Worship 2 CD
Haven...a place where I can express my personality and surround myself with beauty the way I see it. Simply SenseSational Decorating Simple Steps to a Beautiful, God-Centered Home

I forgot to write down what I wrote to go with this candle - but I thought it was very old fashioned, which she likes!

Haven...a place where I am nourished and refreshed so I can be renergized to serve others. And, a place that smells good! enamelware cup and mulling spices

Haven...A place that is blessed with His peace, presence and love. His blessing ~ Bless This Home box

Here is what she sent me, look how cute the box was!

She included these neat animals made in Africa for Emily and Rachel - they've already had fun with these!

Candle holder with vanilla candle - mmm!

Neat bar of soap, homemade dish cloth - love this:

Pretty notepaper, cute card with tea bag for a relaxing cup of tea, this neat devotional book - I've always been intrigued by the Amish and am excited to read this:


Framed 1 Corinthians 13 - matches our room great and this cute Fruit of the Spirit garland:

This might be my favorite thing - I love this tablecloth she sent. She included that she bought it from a lady in Africa who was earning money to send home to her family.

Thanks, Anna for making this a great swap! Head over to Carrie's to see more swap goodies!


Lynn said...

Hi Monica - I am presently studying the Amish -I think you'll like this book - I also enjoyed "Sarah's Seasons" and "Plain and Simple" I have more Amish books to collect from the library which will be much of my Autumn study - some short reviews on my blog.

Katy said...

Oh....I love the stuff you sent her and the stuff she sent you!!! I love the Amish devotional book as well! I am reading a series by that same author right now! I LOVE Amish books and their simpler life.

The tablecloth is beautiful as well..and those animals look so fun!!! :) Have a great weekend Monica! :)

Wendi said...

Monica, Such wonderful swap packages. Thanks for hosting another wonderful swap!

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Great fun to get something from Africa too!

*carrie* said...


Fun to see your goodies "in person." That candle and holder are really cute, and that is a really neat tablecloth that she sent you. Enjoy!

Catherine said...

How beautiful. Your gifts were very tasteful, with such meaning too.
I adore that lamp... may I ask where you found it? Or did you cover it yourself?

Julian said...

thats neat! I love the way you incorporate Jesus into all of it. Pretty things. Ive been looking for a small lamp like that, where would I find one? Love your blog! Christina from Texas

Nystral Djo said...

if you're intrigued by the amish (as i am) you'll probably love the books by beverly lewis - esp abram's daughters and annie's people. enjoy!

Danielle said...

Wonderfully neat things! I especially love how you tagged the gifts!

Tracy said...

I loved both packages! Thanks for hostessing!

Jenny said...

Oh, what a special things to give and receive!

Jenn said...

I really like the stuff you sent each other. This was a really fun swap and I'm so glad you hosted it!! =)

Mom2fur said...

I'm sorry I missed this swap, 'cause I sure am enjoying looking at the pictures of all the nice things! Aren't those animals terrific? And that lamp--too cute! Your box was really clever in the way you described things!

Liisa said...

Hi Monica!

While for the most part I am a lurker on your blog - I do read it daily and I have learned so much from you. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

What a great swap on both ends! What a sweet way to encourage one another! We have a secret sister program in our church and I might use the Making your home a haven idea to pull together a gift basket to give to my Secret sister. I love your wonderful ideas! I love all things creative!
I can't wait to see your homemade Christmas ideas as we hope to soon start worling on Christmas gifts if we can get school started up. I had some unexpected things happen lately causing us to have a family member stay with us so my plan is not moving along however.. I know HIS plan for me is progressing. Just resting in Him that I will get everything done.
Nap time is wonderful though and I spent this quiet time refreshing with blogs I know I always enjoy- like yours! Thanks again for your wonderful ideas that inspire me as I enjoy crafting amd making for others!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Ladies - the lamp came from Goodwill! It was only a couple of dollars and I think brand new. I did see some cute and pretty lamps today at Hobby Lobby that may be a similar style - hope that helps!

Unknown said...

I like this Idea. was wondering if you could e me more info about this. I tried to "google" it and came up empty handed.
Katrina in AZ