Friday, June 13, 2008

Homespun 4th!

Oh my stars (pun intended) I am so excited about this! If you live near me, you know who you are, you are invited to a Homespun 4th Celebration!

Here's what I envision:

Menu ~
Burgers and Hot dogs on the grill
Corn on the Cob
Baked Beans
Star Shaped Shortcakes with berries and cream
Bomb Pops for the little ones or little at heart
Sweet Tea

Details ~
Friday, July 4 at 4 (easy to remember!)
Please bring the whole family!
Cost: $3 per person or $10 per family to include games, dinner and prizes

Celebration ~
Prayer for our nation
Appreciation of those who have served or are serving in our military, prayer for our military
Old fashioned games: sack races, carnival games, complete with prizes!
Patriotic music - any volunteers?
Reading of the Declaration of Independence - any volunteers?

Responding ~
I have had ladies come up to me at church and say something about my blog and never even knew they knew I HAD a blog! So, here's your official invitation. I may not know you're reading - but you do and we'd love to have you!!

So we can prepare, please send me an e-mail indicating you want to come and how many people are in your family. When I get your e-mail, I will send you a specific e-mail including our address and phone number and a few other pertinent details. I'd appreciate hearing from you by June 30 so I have time to get everything ready.

Please do not make a mention of our last name or where we live in response to this post! Unfortunately, I will have to delete those comments.

Here's to a fun and fabulous Homespun 4th! Please come and join the fun!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun -- wish we could come! :) Love you, Mom

Unknown said...

wishing I lived near you...sounds like a great time...guess I'll have to settle for reading about it on the blog..complete with pictures of course!'ve inspired me to read "The Mitford Series"...I had never read them and checked out the first two books at the library yesterday. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I lived close enough. We would be there in a heartbeat. It sounds like it will be wonderful and I know you will make it all look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I too am starting the Mitford Series. I'm currently reading the first book and have the second book on hold at the library.

Enjoy your 4th of July celebration -- I know you'll make it very special for everyone.

Charlotte Cushman said...

Count us in! Char

Amy said...

Wish I could come (*sniff, sniff*) Why do you have to live so far away? :)

*carrie* said...

Sounds like a fun gathering, Monica. We'll be in the car that whole day, and I'll be thinking of you!

Elise said...

I wish I lived near you!! Looks like fun!!

rhonda jean said...

What an inspiration you are. Kindness and hospitality need to be spread far and wide. Looks like you're actually doing it.

Jenny said...

That sounds like such a fun time! Wish we lived closer. We'd join you.

Michelle said...

What a great idea!!! Have a blast!!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled across your blog a week ago and am HOOKED! I have so enjoyed reading through your past many awesome ideas! I don't even know where to start.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your crafty ideas, blessings for others, faith and so much more.


Carolina Mama said...

My brother and his family will be here on the 4th so we will not be able to make it this time. ;) Yet, I am inspired by your entertaining and may borrow some of you menu for my clan. :) Blessings!

Carolina Mama said...

p.s. Thank you for the invite!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived near you, this sounds like it will be a great time! We are planning a 4th of July celebration, and I'm looking forward to reading all about your plans!

~katie~ said...

I love love love this!! If I ever could plan a picnic at home with friends ~ this would be just right up my alley. You have done an amazing job coordinating all the fun events to tie in with Independence Day ~ and what a neat way to meet/greet your neighbors!! Awesome Monica ~ thanks so much for sharing!