Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm going to print this blog out some day using this and want to record these things for my children.

Emily singing in bathroom, "I may never march in the apple treet..."

Recognize the song? I may never march in the infantry...I'm in the Lord's army!

Last summer we started working on her Bible verses. One day David was trying to get an answer from her and said, "Emily, answer me yes or no?"

She replied, "A soft answer turns away wrath."

Why yes, yes it does!

Monday morning:

Emily: "What is this piece of foam for?"
Me: "I don't know, that is Daddy's - let's leave it alone."
Emily: "Oh, I know what it's for - it erases the dust!" (as she is swiping it along the top of the computer.)

Maybe I should get her a bigger one and let her loose on all the dust in our house - erase away, my dear!


Anonymous said...

Oh what darling things to remember! When Emily is finished "erasing the dust" at your house, there is some at our house that also needs to be erased! :) Thanks for sharing -- Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


Paige said...

I keep these things in my journal. One of my favorites was between Max and myself. He told me he loved me and I asked him "what is love?". He said "McDonalds" and I said "so you McDonalds me?" and he said "no, I (singing) da da da da da, I'm loving it" from the McDonalds jingle. Crazy kids!

Marianna said...

I just got a journal to write those things in because I will never remember them later. We catch Samuel saying his ABCs and counting. Samuel is also learning Psalm 23, and I just love to hear him recite it. It brings tears to my eyes. Praise the Lord that our children are growing up in the Word! Oh, and I can't wait until Samuel is able to clean. He loves to help now, but once he's older he'll be able to do more. Just yesterday he put clean clothes in his indoor wagon and brought them into my room where I was resting on the bed. He made several trips with my mom helping him load up the wagon each time. So cute!!!

Mom2fur said...

These moments are so precious. You're wise to record them. I look back at some things my kids said when they were tiny and it's hard to believe they were that cute, LOL!

Rebecca Johnson said...

I love it!
I've been thinking about possibly turning my blog into something more productive for a keepsake. Family events, our little quirks...that sort of thing. If and when you print your blog out from blurb, be sure to let us know your take on it!