Friday, November 03, 2006

Golden Birthday!

Since Emily was 2 on the second - this was her "golden birthday". So, we used the golden theme and did everything yellow!

We started the day off with Chocolate Chip Pancakes (look for the recipe next week - yummy!) and then went to Chick-Fil-A (her favorite!) for lunch. Here is what we did for her party:

The invitations were yellow two's that I cut out and wrote party details on. I asked everyone to wear someting yellow or gold.

A yellow cake with yellow frosting!

I used white paper to wrap her gifts and a yellow marker to add lots of yellow!

Favors: yellow organza boxes filled with mini star-shaped sugar cookies with yes, you guessed it - yellow frosting!

The lighting is off in this photo - but really shows all the balloons, I had tied one to each chair. For dinner we had all yellow foods:

macaroni and cheese (Emily's favorite!)
cornbread muffins & butter

I used clear bowls for the food - so the yellow would add to the table looking festive!

So, because I know there are a lot of thrifty-mamas out there, I will even tell you what this party cost:

* Invitations: one piece of scrap book paper - 0.20
* Favors: yellow organza boxes: on clearance after Easter 75% off - 0.25 each; total $1.50
* Gifts: ballet set and blender; free with Discover card bonus.
* Wrapping: paper - gift from moving neighbor, ribbon - Wal-Mart clearance - 0.10
* Balloons: $1.17 at Wal-Mart for 15; $7.80 for helium
* Cake: homemade, #2 candle - left from a twenty-something birthday - zero
* Yellow leis: free with a $5 coupon from the party goods store. There was no minimum purchase.

Total spent: $10.77
The balloons were the bulk of this, but she is so captivated by balloons right now that I knew this would be the perfect birthday treat for her! Also, I don't count ingredients for dinner or cake because they are all things I would have on hand anyway and we eat dinner every night, so it is not a special party expense!


Mary Ann said...

You amaze me with your great, yet simple and inexpensive ideas! What a great party for a 2-year old. She looked very happy with the party!

Grace said...

I am amazed at your future planning ability. You had the forsight to get those boxes at easter so you would have yellow boxes for Emily's birthday in November. WOW!!! My brain just doesn't work that way. Oh how I wish it did. Great job Thrify mama!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved the ideas and it was fun reading about your frugal deals.

Thanks for keeping a blog and sharing with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I love the theme ideas you had. I will have to remember to do something like this for the next birthday around here.


Megan said...

Can I just say that I had no idea about the whole "Golden Birthday" thing until reading this? And at first I worried that I missed all ours, but realized that my third will turn 5 on February 5 and I could do it the next birthday. And could also do my 4th when she turns 6 on a 6th. But my first and second will probably be forgotten because their birthdays are on the 29th and 28th, so maybe I just won't bother...


Happy Birthday, Emily!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hey Megan, Lots of people around me seem to not have heard of this either. So, I wondered - did I make this up or just dream this up? I just did a search and in fact, it is correct about one's golden birthday being when they turn the age of the date of their birthday. Rachel's won't be until she is 22 - so, it probably won't work for her. But, with Emily being so young - it seemed like a fun party idea! :)

Anonymous said...

These golden birthday decorations and refreshments are absolutely darling! :) Everything was very specially planned for little Emily -- good job, Monica! :)

Wish we could have been there --

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! Had never heard of a golden birthday before. I agree with Grace; your planning ability is amazing! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I am continually amazed with all your home goodness...! hehe Thanks for the inspiration~


Paula said...

I enjoyed seeing the way you celebrated Emily's birthday. Everything looked so nice; I'm sure your little sweetie had a wonderful party.

(I enjoyed the pics from last year, too.)