Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yeah, Emily!

Over the past months, we have been planning to move Emily to a twin bed sometime around the end of May in preparation for her new sister. The room is complete (as you saw in a previous post) and it was just a matter of deciding when to start this. I was kind of nervous about it all this time because she is such a wonderful sleeper in her crib and I was afraid to mess with that. However, yesterday she took her nap in the new bed, and slept there all night last night without a single peep! Good girl! And, I am full of praise to God this morning, as I have been praying for His guidance and wisdom about this!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Emily:

I am writing to you on your Mama's blog to tell you how proud I am that you slept in your big girl bed!!

I love you very much!

Love, Grammie