Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Foreign Currency

I have some foreign currency (coin and paper money) that I acquired through various travels or from people giving it to me. I am ready to pass this on to someone who collects something like this or who would be interested in it. Countries include Honduras and Czech Republic. I know for sure that the Czech money is obsolete now that they are part of the European Union. I would be especially interested in giving it to a young person who is interested in this. Anyway, if anyone wants it - it's free - just leave a comment that you're interested and we'll be in touch. If more than one are interested, I will put all the names in a drawing and choose one to send it to!


Mrs.Garcia said...

Monica, I am interested in the Foreign Currency. I am teaching my daughter about Foreign Currency.

Anonymous said...

We'd be interested... (got your blog from Rocksinmydryer) my husband and I collect coings about where we've lived or visited... Czech being one of them! :) It's a great opportunity to teach our kids about it! :)

Anonymous said...


I have some too, so if that would be helpful based on your response, I can pass it on when you're here soon.

love, carrie

Monica Wilkinson said...

Ok, ladies, I put both names in a drawing! Thanks for your interest! I had my husband and ... (drum roll, please) lammyann won! I'll try to contact you by e-mail for your address.