Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring Tea

Our church had a tea for all the ladies this last Saturday. This is an annual event that we can invite friends to and enjoy the yummy food and fellowship as well as a message from our pastor's wife. Each table is decorated by anyone who wants to sign up and this is my table! I grew grass in small glass flower pots and in one silver tub for the middle and made pinwheels out of double-sided scrapbook paper and pastel colored straws. I thought it turned out nicely.

The whole afternoon was very refreshing! I enjoyed the message, funny skit, making new friends, and tea food! Happy Spring!


Meredith said...

The pinwheels are a nice spring touch...and I'm guessing, less expensive than flowers?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yes, the pinwheels were really cheap to make - much cheaper than flowers. I'm guessing they would be about 25 cents each to make.

Grace - wish you could have been there too! I thought of you!

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

Beautiful! Can you come to Tulsa in May and decorate for my parent's anniversary party?? :)

Mary Ann said...

It looks really nice, Monica and so creative! I love growing pots of grass in the spring. It always looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Monica...It indeed turned out beautifully! I feel privileged that I got to see the pinwheels in person!
So glad you had a nice time.
I wish I could have been there, too.
I've been meaning to tell you that my grass is growing much more slowly than yours did. Perhaps it's the potting soil. I'm still watering it though!
Thanks again...
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,

Your table turned out darling! I'm so glad to see it -- you have such a creative gift! I'm proud of you!

Looking forward to seeing you in just a few more days!

Lots of love, Mom

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thanks for all the great compliments!

Michelle - your party will be great! Megan is extremely creative and I'm guessing you two have lots of fun ideas planned! :) Make sure to post pix!