Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let The Christmas Shopping Begin!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Target clearance?!?! :) Ok, yes - I know I have several times! But, today was yet another great day on the clearance racks.

As mentioned, we are going to use our Discover bonus for gift shopping throughout the year, so here is how I spent the first $20 of our bonus!

Playskool Talking Tool Bench: reg. price: $34.99 marked down to $8.74

Little Tikes Microwave with batteries: reg. price: $14.99 marked down to $3.74

Little Tikes Blender: reg. price: $7.99 marked down to $1.98

My Little Pony: reg price: $5.00 marked down to $1.24

Angelina Ballerina poseable doll and DVD: reg price: $14.99 marked down to $3.74

Angelina Ballerina "Learn To Dance" set including ballet outfit, shoes, tiara, DVD, etc...: reg. price: $19.98 marked down to $4.98

Total original prices: $97.94

Total paid: $24.42

I guess it goes without saying that I paid with our Discover card so that I earned a bonus on this also! Some of these gifts will be for other people and some I will keep for Emily. I also thought of putting aside one or two for the Shoebox gifts as quality gifts were discussed on Megan's blog last holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

Wow! You got some great bargains! Last week when I went to Target -- I almost bought the same little toy blender and did buy the Angelina Ballerina doll with DVD -- but you got a better deal! Maybe I'll take the one I got back or else I'll save it to give another little girl.

Way to go!!

Love, Mom

Monica Wilkinson said...

Grace, I check the clearances everytime I go to a store - lots of times I do not find anything! So, it just takes a few minutes to browse and see if there is anything good. But, maybe it just means you need to go to Target *with* me! :) Miss you...

Mom, I was planning to give at least a couple of these away, and one was the Angelina doll and DVD - so no worries!