Monday, April 17, 2006

It Pays To Call (Literally!)

I spent a lot of today making phone calls on lots of over-charges or mixed up dr. bills. The combined total would have cost us more than $1000 if I had not called, but most of it may be taken care of with money back even! Just because the dr. says that the insurance denied my claim, does not mean I can't call and find out why! (Turns out it was because they thought I went to an out-of-network-provider: when we got that straightened out, they are going to re-submit my claim!) Anyway, just an encouragement to not just accept what these papers that come in the mail tell you without a little investigation!

On another money-note: The latest 5% Discover card rebate is for gas and auto-related purchases (through 6/30).

Here's to spending a little time on the phone to save a lot of money!

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