Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Great Dresser Makeover!

As I prepare the spare room to become Emily's new room, I wanted to paint this dresser. (Thank you, Mom for encouraging me to paint it!) I had considered getting rid of it because I disliked it so much, but am really pleased with the small investment of a quart of yellow paint! And, now I realize how silly it was to consider getting rid of it, because a new dresser would have been much more costly.

Ok, now to the next problem - I wanted to get some new hardware for it and just naively assumed that all drawer pulls are the same size. Not so! I bought two different kinds today and neither of them fit.

So, what are your tricks for matching drawer-pull sizes? Or, does anyone have any ideas on how I could re-purpose the existing ones by updating them somehow?

The holes are 2 1/2 inches apart on the dresser and both sets of drawer pulls I purchased today (and now need to return) are 3 inches apart. I have done some basic internet research and this seems to be an unusual size for handles as most come in 3 inches at the smallest. Thanks for any suggestions!


Meredith said...

Looks great!
I have run into the same problem replacing those windsor-style handles, too. I've had great success finding all kinds of hardware on Ebay for roughly 99 cents apiece. Otherwise, you can fill the holes, sand, paint, and attach a fun knob from Ebay instead.

But I also think the cheapest option would be to paint the existing handles. I would spray them white and then wipe with an antique glaze, or simply wipe the brass with a cottagey green.

Mary Ann said...

A friend of mine twisted 2 colors of cord together and tied them into the holes for cute drawer pulls.
Just an idea.:-)

Monica Wilkinson said...

Yeah! Thanks for the good ideas! I think I'll try to paint the existing handles first since I have nothing to lose with them considering I don't like them now. Then if that doesn't turn out, I'll try another option. I knew for sure that you would know, Meredith! :)