Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fun Finds and Feeling Old...

David and I agreed that we had a great day together yesterday! I enjoyed my trip to Hobby Lobby and found the above goodies! Planter for the porch (50% off), egg basket with six wire cups - great organizer or planter (50% off), pair of scissors to replace the ones I lost during VBS last year (40% off) and a package of rusty tin stars (40% off)! Yeah!

We also enjoyed the concert, though - I must say I felt much older than I usually do. I did not really enjoy the opening band at all, and we had great seats on the floor - but ended up moving to higher seats so we could just sit down and enjoy. The Third Day part of the concert was great and very enjoyable. The encore was the best part of the whole show, I thought!

I guess one reason I felt old was the average age of those attending was probably 15-18! Though there were parents and obvious "chaperones". Maybe I've just out-grown the whole concert idea? Either way, we really enjoyed our day together!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

I'm so glad that you and David had a fun day together and that you got to go to Hobby Lobby! :) Glad you found some fun bargains....

Love you,